“Cutting up magic carpets everywhere since 2006″

Rak-Out! Belly Dance Entertainment by Julia offers memorable professional belly dance performances and belly dance classes throughout the Sacramento area and beyond. From slinky and snaky to fun and funky, Julia’s classic-Cairo-on-the-cutting-edge style is tasteful, diverse and dynamic. A versatile and confident performer, Julia is the belly dancer that you hire for your event when you want someone that isn’t your typical cookie-cutter cabaret cutie. Mysterious, sensual, and glamorous, you and your guests will be wowed by her vibrant shimmies, mind-bending undulations, and dangerous sword balancing that will transform your party into an EXPERIENCE!

Try Julia’s brand new class “SharQui – the Bellydance Workout®” starting Saturday 8/16 at world-famous Hot Pot Studio!


(916) 572 – HIPS
2014 Ninth St.
Sacramento, CA 95818